Microsurgery Spine Treatment

Micro Surgery for Spine

Microsurgery Spine

Minimal to non-invasive procedures, offering same-day treatments

When the thought of having no back pain seems so far out of reach, we are happy to offer such services (Micro Surgery for Spine) to tell you that we can eradicate that pain entirely from your body. Chronic back pain can take over your mind and take the joy out of everyday life. Our certified providers specialize in microsurgery pain relief which will be minimally invasive to you and your body. At Texas Pain Network we offer AAA class procedures with state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for micro spinal surgery.

Our services are proven to provide relief of pain and minimally invasive treatments to cure:

Microsurgery at Texas Pain Network

The thought of surgery can freak out most people, that’s why we utilize cutting edge technology to minimize bodily intrusion. We perform microsurgeries that are tailored specifically to each individual, all of them designed to treat chronic pain in the body.

Our certified providers will diagnose your injury / pain and match your symptoms with one of our treatment options. Throughout the process, if more than one surgery is required, we will perform reassessment tests to ensure the procedure is right and working for your body. If for any reason you, or the doctor has found there will be a significantly more beneficial alternative, it will be provided to you to ensure we can cure your pain.

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Spine and Pain Treatment Options

Our compassionate team provides follow up appointments to ensure your pain has mitigated, or completely gone away. We care about the well-being of our patients and want them to be happy with the services we offer.

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