Knee Arthroscopy

Knee Arthroscopy Treatment Texas

Knee Arthroscopy Treatment Texas: Take Back Your Mobility

Knee pain is a very common complaint when it comes to pain in the body. It can impact a very wide range when it comes to age and be the result of injury, disease or just natural wear and tear that accompanies the aging process. It can be acute, chronic and vary from slightly unmanageable to completely immobilizing. But regardless of the cause, age or level of intensity, it is always has the potential to significantly impact your quality of life.

We need our knees for just about everything. When they are even remotely compromised, our ability to engage in any sort of weight-bearing activity is challenged – this includes walking, standing and even sitting.

So, what can we do?

A knee arthroscopy is a surgical technique whereby a tiny camera – called an arthroscope – is inserted into your knee via a small incision. This will enable your physician to investigate the problem and effectively treat the cause of your knee pain, versus just managing the symptom.

There are limited risks with this procedure and the outlook for most patients is very good.

This procedure can be used to diagnose and treat the following knee injuries:

  •  Fracture of the knee bone
  •  Torn meniscus
  •  Swollen synovium (the lining in the joint)
  •  Torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments
  •  Removal of Baker’s Cyst
  •  Mispositioned patella
  •  Pieces of torn cartilage that are loose and breaking down the joint

To begin, your surgeon will pump a bit of saline into your knee via a few small incisions to expand your knee for better viewing purposes. The arthroscope is then strategically placed through one of the incisions so your doctor can examine your joint using the attached camera

Once the problem has been successfully diagnosed, small tools may then be inserted to correct the issue. The doctor will then drain the saline from your joint and close the small incisions with a few stitches.

Your prognosis and recovery time will then be assessed based on the severity of the knee problem and the complexity of the resulting procedure required to correct it.

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