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What We Do - Pain Free Excellence

Our pain free excellence practice and management is committed to creating personalized treatment plans for individuals to help improve their quality of life.

Pain Management

Pain Treatment should include targeted care for joint pain, knee pain, neck pain and many more.

Pain Treatments

Pain Treatment should include services like Medial Branch Blocks, Vitamin Therapy, Weight Loss Programs and many more.

Pain & Sensation Locator

Please select your most challenging symptom and we’ll direct you to some of the most likely conditions you may be suffering from – as well as all the ways in which we can help you!

Committed To Pain Free Excellence

Our pain free excellence practice is committed to creating customized treatment plans for individuals to help improve their quality of life. We strive to properly diagnose acute and chronic pain issues to ensure we can reduce the physical, emotional, and mental effects pain has on you and others around you.

Our certified physicians work directly with patients and their families to obtain the best possible results and to educate them on ways they can manage pain and different rehabilitation methods.

Conditions Treated

We design treatment options that are specifically unique to you and your body.

Minimal to non-invasive procedures, offering same-day treatments

Our certified providers are migraine specialists who use a combination of evidence-based procedures and holistic based methods to cure your chronic migraines.

Neuropathy management that is offered by our certified providers includes exercise programs, proper nutrition guidelines, orthotics / orthopedics, and medical equipment for rehabilitation.

The wellness center was created in order to give you proper information and guidelines on how to live a healthier life, and to feel great along the way.


Pain Free Excellence

“I have been to several pain specialists and suffer with chronic pain mainly from gout and back injury. Texas Pain Network has by far been successful in every area to manage my pain so I can have a quality life and be able to work pain free. I highly recommend them.”

Evelyn Jimenez

Pain Free Excellence

“I had my third epidural steroid injections done today and wanted to thank the wonderful staff at Texas Pain Network’ office. The OR and post op nurses are great. About 2 weeks out from my third shot and it has really helped, I am 1 out of 10 on the pain scale. Will be the first Christmas in 5 yrs that I’ve been able to go home almost pain free!”

Debra Peters

Pain Free Excellence

“I’ve been seeing Texas Pain Network for a few months. It all started from nerve damage after a hip replacement and dislocation of the new prosthetic. Texas Pain Network was thorough in their original assessment and addressed all of my questions.”

Mark Martinez


Our Philosophy

Pain tolerance and conditions as a result of pain are purely unique to each individual. By understanding this, The Texas Pain Network creates a customized treatment plan in order to accurately treat, manage, and rehabilitate your mind and body so you can start being YOU again. At our pain relief center, our certified providers conduct scheduled pain management sessions to reassess your pain tolerance during treatments. Whether you suffer from joint, spinal, arthritis, muscle, back, or any other type of pain, Texas Pain Management Network uses state of the art treatment processes to ensure we can mitigate or completely get rid of it. View our different institutes and treatments to see how we can help you!

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